Ep. 3 Between the Lines with Kendal Francis, Lakin City Administrator

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Ep. 3 Between the Lines Lakin City Happings with Kendal Francis, City Administrator

In this episode we have Kendal Francis, the Lakin City Administrator.  Kendal takes some time to visit with us and to let the community know of the different waterworks projects, that the city has going, and a reminder about the city wide cleanup event.

1) http://www.lakinkansas.org/ – City of Lakin website

2) 620-355-6252 – City of Lakin Telephone Number

3) http://www.musicalley.com/ – MusicAlley’s website

4) http://www.musicalley.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?pageNum_MusicList=2&totalRows_MusicList=18&BandHash=4673d40d9b9d8af39d10675467ceaef9 – 3minute pop songs “Nothing at All”

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