“Clarina Nichols and the Fight for Women’s Rights”

Please join us on October 17, 2011 at 11:30 am  at the monthly meeting of the Golden Agers, in the Kearny County Senior Center.   Diane Eickhoff will present her program on  “Clarina Nichols and the Fight for Women’s Rights.     We will begin with a covered dish lunch  at 11:30am and after a short meeting Diane will do her presentation.

In 1859, Clarina Nichols canvassed the sparsley populated Kansas Territory with a petition supporting equal rights to Kansas Women.  With signatures in hand, she attened the Wyandotte Convention, charged with hammering out a state constitution.  Supporters ultimley introduced her provisions for married women’s property rights, equal custody rights, and educational rights.  This presentation asks and answers “How did she do it?”

Diane Eickhoff has been a writer and an editor of education materials for children and young adults for many years.  Diane has been involved with Kansas Humanities Council since 2003 and joined the KHC Speakers Bureau in 2009.

This program is brought to you by the Kansas Humanities Council and the Kearny County Library.  For more information please call the library  620.355.6674.

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